Sunday, October 19, 2003

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th PRD issued !

Today, four Property Right Descriptor (PRD) identifications were issued under the Distributed Intellectual Property Rights system. These four PRD’s uniquely identify the all the pages on the website and the printable version of this paper.

These manifestations of the DIPR product are registered to me and under the rules of the DIPR system this allows anyone to view these copies of the DIPR product but no one else is allowed to make copies of this work, claim they own it, or use it for any commercial purposes. If you would like to make non-commercial copies of my DIPR paper for your own reference, or to spread the word, please contact me and I will issue a PRD to you. (If you want to use this work commercially you should definitely contact me and maybe we can make a deal).

Why have four identifications been issued for only two works? Well, each product has two identifications; the first ID identifies the author (me) and the second ID identifies the consumer (in this case me again) who is allowed to hold one or more copies of the work. Please go to to find out how all this works.

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